Turn customer activity into actionable insights.

VivaAudience aggregates the data surrounding your event to find your most-engaged prospects by business topic, and creates a bridge between event activity and your CRM system.

The Audience Intelligence Engine

With the proliferation of event technology, there are dozens of new ways to collect user data. Vivastream aggregates data across mobile, web, and the Internet of Things to provide a single view of the attendee.

Our proprietary algorithms categorize behavioral data, creating a lead score for each person at your event, allowing you to view your most engaged attendees by business topic.

We then seamlessly push this information, in real-time, into your CRM and Marketing Automation systems.

Adding Vivastream to your events helps your business development team shorten their sales cycle, and helps your marketing team become more targeted with every communication.



Learn More About Your Customers And The Topics They Care About.

Our engagement platform observes conversations and activity at the same time.

By combining this explicit and implicit data we are able to provide you with a multidimensional view of your customers’ interests and help you turn their activities into qualified leads.