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Editor’s Note: This post was written by Kyle Morehouse, Vivastream’s Chief Product Officer

Legendary internet analyst and KPCB partner Mary Meeker has just released her annual State of the Internet presentation, which raises a lot of questions for the event industry.
As a provider of event technology, these slides stand out to me:

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Mobile Now Accounts For 25% Of All Web Usage

That’s up from 14% a year ago. If the current pattern holds for the next few years, we should see a majority of web usage coming from mobile devices by 2015/2016. A majority.

Let’s be clear about this. We’re not talking about phone usage surpassing desktop usage. This stat doesn’t include app usage from Flappybird or Tinder (which, according to this report, is up 21X year over year…do I hear “Tinder for events”?).

This stat strictly speaks to web browsing. That means that, very soon, your event attendees will be more likely to browse your event site on their phone than their desktop. When they click on one of your Tweets and view some content you’ve shared, they’ll be doing it from a very small screen.

Is your event technology ready to be mobile-first?

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Each New Device Type Has 10X The Previous Install Base

What comes after “mobile internet” you ask? The Internet of Things, also known as connected devices. We’re already seeing this hit the event industry with mesh networks and iBeacons. This will soon spread from an iOS-only novelty to a widely adopted standard, to the tune of 100 Billion units if this trend holds form.

That means we’re going to start to be able to collected a lot more data from attendees, with signals being sent by everything from exhibitor booths to coffee stands.


Can your event technology handle these new signals?

Can you collect new forms of data while still respecting attendee privacy and choice?

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Internet Unbundling

The tech titans are dismantling their apps to focus on specific experiences. Why? Jack-of-all-trade apps are a master of none, and users want things to be simple and work really well for the task at hand, whether that’s chatting, viewing pictures, or sharing status updates.

Is your event app functionality buried under a menu full of icons?
Are you trying to replicate the full event guide experience in your app, or are you focusing on experiences that work on mobile?

Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 12.53.33 PM

We’re collecting a lot of data….and using very little.

We find these stats the most interesting. A shockingly small amount of data collected is analyzed – less than one percent! The next frontier of event technology is the ability to make data collected at events easy to understand and make actionable.

What do you do with the data you collect at events?
Where does the data you collected end up? Is it available in a CRM system, or locked in an excel spreadsheet?

While Mary’s internet trends report is filled with great information, the 4 themes that echo the loudest for event technology are mobile adoption, connected devices, app unbundling, and big data analytics. Those trends should help guide your event tech strategy until 2015, when (we predict) drones, China, and Chinese drones take over the industry.

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We worked with our friends at the Direct Marketing Association to power their mobile application for their 2013 and saw some impressive engagement levels. We put them into a lovely infographic to show the power of Vivastream. 

DMA Vivastream

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Editor’s Note: This post was written by Benjamin Diggles, Webtrends’s  Director of Digital Marketing and published on the Webtrends Blog . 



Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 3.38.14 PM


I was asked to select a social platform for our recent Engage 2013 conference with the goal of allowing people to sign up for sessions they wanted to attend, connect with others, rate sessions and speakers, and leave feedback. Also, this all had to be accessible through desktop, mobile web and native mobile apps. While there were many amazing technologies that caught my attention like Taptera, Quickmobile and CrowdCompass, I decided to go withVivastream.

Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 3.41.05 PM


Vivastream was a perfect fit for our conference social needs and I was thrilled when working with their team. One of the main reasons we chose Viva was that they collected and analyzed so much data that gave us insight into what people really cared about – and since we love data so much I wanted to share some of the findings that were collected.

According to our friends at Viva, our engagement was above average which is awesome. You will see from the data below what our attendees were most interested in hearing about and what were the most valuable topics coming out of the conference. I also wanted to show the highest rated speakers and breakout sessions.

General Participation Overview





Top 10 Topics based on activity

Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 4.35.00 PM



While this is only some select data that I’ve chosen to share. overall it is easy to see that analytics is still a very hot topic yet other topics such as mobile and optimization are high on the charts as well. Interestingly, social wasn’t as popular but social collaboration in the enterprise is a subject that is trending quickly.