We help turn event activity into customer insights.


Vivastream is comprised of an eclectic group of overachievers.  We share a common goal of working hard, developing ground-breaking technology, having fun and delivering results for the best enterprises in the world.


  • Nick Fugaro, CEO
    High energy, entrepreneurial executive with 24+ years of digital and data experience in technology, sales, multi-channel marketing and advertising. Nick has a passion for improving the way marketers engage with customers.  Prior to founding Vivastream, Nick led Global Digital Sales teams for Acxiom and Digital Impact.  Before jumping into the digital world, Nick worked for the New York Yankees.  Viva!

  • Kyle Morehouse, CPO
    With over 15 years’ experience an all things digital, Kyle leads product and strategy for Vivastream. He lives in Ridgefield, CT with his wife and three daughters. He’s currently obsessed with QuizUp, and while he’s getting crushed in Math and Science, he dares you to challenge him in Game of Thrones or Beer trivia.

  • Zac Balson, CTO
    Reigning from the snowy lands of Canada, Zac revels in solving challenges using technological means. Zac draws on over a decade of experience applying technology in the realms of financial services, aerospace, telecommunications, and event data analytics. Prior to joining Vivastream, Zac was knee-deep in credit risk analysis and trading software development at Morgan Stanley.

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