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In 2011 NYC surpassed Boston for the number two spot behind Silicon Valley in Venture Capital deal activity. In 2013 technology became NYC’s second largest job sector. While Silicon Alley is only a few decades old, these statistics show that it is here to stay. When our founding team decided to start Vivastream they had no doubt in their minds that NYC was the best place for them to put down the company’s roots. Here are a few reasons we love working in Silicon Alley and being part of #NYCTech.


Access to all industries

Some say that the goal of a startup is to disrupt the way a company or an industry does business. We believe that a startup is better off near its competitors or industry titans than surrounded exclusively by startups. This allows you to pay close attention to your stakeholders without jumping on a plane. This makes NYC the ideal location to startup a business as NYC is home to thousands of different businesses in every industry imaginable. If there is a certain skill or company you need to help your business thrive it can almost definitely be found in New York City.



A subway ride away from everything

The beauty of the NYC metro area is that you are a subway (or cab) ride away from anything and everything. Our company regularly has days with multiple meetings spread across the city. This is a phenomenon only possible in New York. At any moment there is a meetup, if not multiple, going on that could change the course of your business. Every night in NYC is the opportunity to make connections and better yourself and your business.


We could not be prouder to have built our business in the greatest city in the world. Let us know in the comments what makes you so passionate about working in NYC.