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In 2012 over 1.8 million meetings were held involving an estimated 225 million attendees. Be it a conference, trade show or networking event events are a great way to strengthen and build your network. One of the most pervasive problems across the space is baked into events by design: limited time. Those attending trade shows or conferences only have a few days to  meet hundred if not thousands of people.


Throughout our work with event producers we’ve noticed three questions that must be answered in order to successfully keep attendees engaged post event.


How do you communicate to attendees post event?

While your attendees may not be present after the event you still have a handful of routes to keep them engaged.


  • E-mail: Any competent marketer knows that capturing email addresses is paramount to staying in contact with your community. The beauty of marketing through email is that you own the channel and are not relying on a third party to deliver the message. An easy first step to consider is sending a post event survey to all attendees.


  • Groups: Attendees want to know that they can access the event’s community after the conference ends. An easy way to accomplish this is through online groups. Creating a Linkedin group is one of the more popular options as it allows attendees to showcase their entire professional profiles. For tips on creating an awesome LinkedIn group check out this article from . Some events I’ve attended have chosen to make a facebook instead. This is a strategy I don’t recommend as it forces professionals to show off their personal lives, which may make many uncomfortable.


  • Mobile Apps: A stunning 92% of corporate events use mobile apps. These highly specialized applications are the perfect avenue to consider as attendees have already become accustomed to engaging with the application.


Do you leverage the insights collected at the event?

Conferences and events makeup 20% of a B2B marketer’s budget larger than both advertising and content marketing. Even though these expenditures comprise the lion’s share of their budget few marketers are able to adequately and systematically generate insights from these meetings. The actions your attendees take are directly relevant to your organization. Capturing insights from this often overlooked dataset should not ignored.



How do you make the next conversation relevant?

Every session your attendee goes to matters.  Every action they take at your event is a valuable opportunity to learn more about a potential customer. Knowing that an attendee went to 10 sessions on “big data” is a strong signal that they would amenable to a “big data” offering that your company may have. Knowing what they did easily tells you what they care about and helps you target your message.


We believe that event space is an industry that technology is just beginning to disrupt. Its not enough for a mobile app to display a schedule or build an agenda. Mobile event apps in 2014 need to help enterprises learn more about their customers. This is one of of the main focuses of the Viva technology and love talking to anyone who shares our passion.