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This post was written by Vivastream’s Director of Business Development: Steven Perchikov

It never ceases to amaze us the amount of time, money and energy that big companies spend on producing events for demand generation and how poor the follow through can be. We recently chatted with a large technology company that organizes dozens of events all over the country. When I asked them what some of the biggest challenges they were facing, a few things came up:

1) Too Much Data, Not Enough Organization

This is probably the biggest complaint we hear at Vivastream. These days, with all the event technology companies out there, from badge scanners, to registration companies and mobile apps, it’s no wonder there is so much data. In fact, a recent study by Internet Trends and Price Waterhouse Cooper stated that there are 1.3 million enterprise events organized each year, where terabytes of data are collected yet less than 1 percent of that data is analyzed in any meaningful way. Can you imagine that? Less than 1 percent!

This is precisely the issue we are looking to address with Vivastream. By taking all of the data from your events and organizing it by business topic we make sure that no valuable insights goes to waste.

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2) Too much manual manipulation of data

The other big issue they faced is how much time their CRM administrators, event marketers and demand generation folks were spending manually manipulating data. Between CSV forms from registration companies, reports from mobile apps, social streams and survey forms there was all this information that had to be input by hand. Not only was this work time consuming it is also extremely tedious, reducing the amount of joy people get out of their work.

We’ve gone to great lengths to address this issue through our integrations. Currently we integrate with every major event technology (e.g. CVent, Etouches ) and also connect with all of the major CRMs like Salesforce and Sugar. The beauty and benefit of this is that it saves hundreds of hours for companies that organize a lot of events.

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3) Salespeople wait too long before being able to contact their prospects

Oftentimes it takes salespeople weeks to get to the leads from events. Often this is because of how long it takes to manually sort all of the data and to ensure it’s been uploaded into the corresponding CRMs and email marketing solutions. By the sales team gets those leads, they aren’t even hot any more, making the entire event that was held somewhat wasteful.

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The beauty and the brilliance of Vivastream is that our engine instantly takes the data from the event and plugs in actionable next steps for the sales team. This way they can call and contact prospects that day after the event, or even before it.

What more can be said, for the right company, with the right set of challenges, we definitely have an interesting solution.