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It is hard to believe that two days have passed since we saw legendary basketball player and businessman Magic Johnson open the main DMA conference with his engaging and informative keynote session. These past few days have been full of fantastic data driven marketing insights. Here are some of the numbers that make us feel that this year’s DMA has been the best one yet:


  • 2235 attendees actively engaging on myDMA2014
  • 376 presenters across 246 sessions
  • Four topics that over 200 attendees marked interest in:
    • Email
    • Analytics
    • CRM & Loyalty
    • Mobile


In hopes of making your last day at DMA the best it can be we thought we would share a short preview of what we are excited for:


As marketers we know the importance of a call to action.  All of our marketing messages have led up to this moment.  This is a make or break opportunity where we ask our target to consider making a purchase. One of the first sessions, led by Austin McCaw and Jon Powell of Marketing Sherpa, focuses on this important task: Overcoming the 3 Most Common Mistakes Marketers Make in Their Calls-to-Action.


Even though eCommerce is still less than 10% of overall commerce we know that this number will only increase in the coming years. Fortunately for DMA Attendees there is a session designed for taking your business online: 16 Things You Wish You’d Known When You Started Selling Online led by Evan Carroll of Channel Advisor.


Marketers and sales teams love to talk about the future and how utilizing their products will make it so much better. DMA has a session entirely dedicated to the future: What’s NeXt: A Look into the Lens at 2015 and Beyond.


Even though the event is ending that doesn’t mean your connections to the DMA community need to stop once you leave San Diego. There is a vibrant DMA Community on Linkedin that we definitely recommend joining.  The easiest way to stay engages is with the myDMA2014 application you have been using for the entirety of DMA. The application will be up and running after the event ends so you can stay in touch with your new friends and connections.


Through the application you can do all of the following:

Download the myDMA 2014 app for iPhone or Android and join the conversation today!