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It is hard to believe that two days have passed since we saw legendary basketball player and businessman Magic Johnson open the main DMA conference with his engaging and informative keynote session. These past few days have been full of fantastic data driven marketing insights. Here are some of the numbers that make us feel that this year’s DMA has been the best one yet:


  • 2235 attendees actively engaging on myDMA2014
  • 376 presenters across 246 sessions
  • Four topics that over 200 attendees marked interest in:
    • Email
    • Analytics
    • CRM & Loyalty
    • Mobile


In hopes of making your last day at DMA the best it can be we thought we would share a short preview of what we are excited for:


As marketers we know the importance of a call to action.  All of our marketing messages have led up to this moment.  This is a make or break opportunity where we ask our target to consider making a purchase. One of the first sessions, led by Austin McCaw and Jon Powell of Marketing Sherpa, focuses on this important task: Overcoming the 3 Most Common Mistakes Marketers Make in Their Calls-to-Action.


Even though eCommerce is still less than 10% of overall commerce we know that this number will only increase in the coming years. Fortunately for DMA Attendees there is a session designed for taking your business online: 16 Things You Wish You’d Known When You Started Selling Online led by Evan Carroll of Channel Advisor.


Marketers and sales teams love to talk about the future and how utilizing their products will make it so much better. DMA has a session entirely dedicated to the future: What’s NeXt: A Look into the Lens at 2015 and Beyond.


Even though the event is ending that doesn’t mean your connections to the DMA community need to stop once you leave San Diego. There is a vibrant DMA Community on Linkedin that we definitely recommend joining.  The easiest way to stay engages is with the myDMA2014 application you have been using for the entirety of DMA. The application will be up and running after the event ends so you can stay in touch with your new friends and connections.


Through the application you can do all of the following:

Download the myDMA 2014 app for iPhone or Android and join the conversation today!

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Football fans spend all year waiting for the Super Bowl. For data driven marketers their “big game” is the Direct Marketing Association’s annual conference and exhibition. DMA14 bills itself as “The Global Event for Data­-Driven Marketers.” Monday October 27th is the kickoff of the main DMA event. Since we are proud to be powering the MyDMA2014 social networking tool and mobile app we thought we would give a short preview of DMA’s first day

The morning keynote featuring Magic Johnson and JoAnne Monfradi Dunn already has 532 attendees and will be a great kickoff for DMA14. Magic Johnson will address the crowd and focus on two important themes of DMA14: engaging with consumers and business as a force for good.

The number of channels to reach consumers is growing exponentially. One of the few constants through all this is email marketing and it should come as no surprise that email marketing will be a major focus at DMA14. Already, 232 attendees have noted that they are interested in email and an additional 171 indicated that they can help with email.  Email sessions this week include:

Over 500 attendees have mentioned that they are attending these sessions.

One of the most important aspects of any event is the opportunity get to know your fellow marketers. What is special about the first day of DMA14 is that attendees have routes to engage with others in both digital and non-­digital forms.

Digitally, the MyDMA2014 social networking tool was released in early October which allowed participants to follow and chat with other attendees over two weeks in advance of the event. For more info on the best ways to use the mobile app, check out our comprehensive DMA14 preview posted earlier this week.

Tomorrow there will be plenty of opportunities to mingle amongst the DMA14 crowd beyond the typical slideshow-based presentations. Three of our favorite networking events are:

We hope you are as excited as we are for the first day of DMA14. Let us know what sessions and topics you are enjoying by tweeting with with the hashtag #DMA14.

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We are tremendously proud of how Vivastream can help an enterprise make sense of its event data. We believe that one of the most important manifestations of this help is with a company’s marketing function. Utilizing Vivastream’s Audience Intelligence Engine helps businesses know more about their community members than ever before.


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DMA2014 kicks off on Saturday, October 25 and we couldn’t be more excited, especially since it’s in beautiful, sunny San Diego!  At Vivastream we are data junkies so an event focused on data-driven marketing is right in our sweet spot. Here is a preview of the event so you can make the most of your DMA experience.


More than 100 speakers will present 150 sessions across six days. The main conference is bookended by two workshop series which will help every marketer get up to speed on the latest and greatest in industry best practices, strategies, and solutions.



DMA2014: Day by Day

Start your DMA experience on Saturday by attending one of eight workshops offered. That evening there will be a short international meet and greet followed by the anticipated DMA2014 Launch Party.


Sunday features the second halves of the eight workshops and the exhibit hall opens in the afternoon.  At the Innovation Award Reception, four awards will be given out and attendees will have the opportunity to network with the winners.


The main conference officially begins Monday with a three-part opening keynote. Wunderman’s Gary S. Laben will lead a conversation with executives from Shell and Air Canada followed by opening remarks from the DMA. The third part of the morning features NBA legend and entrepreneur Magic Johnson speaking about creating meaningful customer experiences.  Don’t forget to hit the expo hall, attend sessions and then network the night away at one (or all!) of the many parties hosted by various companies.


In addition to the exhibit hall and concurrent sessions, Tuesday features 15-minute 1:1 guru sessions on a variety of topics. Later that day there will be a Halloween Happy Hour and the ECHO Awards Gala so don’t forget to pack your tux or cocktail dress.


Wednesday and Thursday feature a variety of workshops and concurrent sessions. Be sure to check out What’s NeXt, the final session of DMA that will take a look into the future of data marketing.



Get Connected With the myDMA2014 Mobile App

We are thrilled to be powering the myDMA2014 mobile app for the fourth straight year. This means that your event experience is not limited to your time in San Diego!  Before, during, and after the event you can harvest the power of DMA2014 on your mobile device.


Through the application you can do all of the following:


Download the myDMA 2014 app for iPhone or Android and join the conversation today!


Thank you to the Adobe, Japs-Olson, Selligent, Teradata and the rest of the  DMA 2014 Sponsors for supporting this fantastic event!


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For the past 3 years, we have been a team of data junkies building event technology.

Today, we go back to our roots.

Vivastream is proud to announce the launch of our Audience Intelligence Engine, designed to bridge the lead generation gap for CMOs and event marketers.  Our goal is to deliver insights and qualified leads from events to your sales team – more efficiently.

Bridge events and sales

Prior to starting Vivastream, we spent a decade building solutions that enabled Fortune 1000 companies to make data-driven marketing decisions.

As we became ingrained in the B2B event industry, two trends stood out to us:

  1. The information captured at events is exploding, both in volume and complexity.
  2. There is no easy way to understand what all of this data means.

By focusing on our core competency – data intelligence – we’re helping to shift the discussion from “did people enjoy my event” to “did my event drive sales”?

Please take a moment to check out our new website, and feel free to give us a shout if you’re as excited about the new direction of Vivastream as we are.


 Nick Fugaro, CEO