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Editor’s Note: This post was written by Benjamin Diggles, Webtrends’s  Director of Digital Marketing and published on the Webtrends Blog . 



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I was asked to select a social platform for our recent Engage 2013 conference with the goal of allowing people to sign up for sessions they wanted to attend, connect with others, rate sessions and speakers, and leave feedback. Also, this all had to be accessible through desktop, mobile web and native mobile apps. While there were many amazing technologies that caught my attention like Taptera, Quickmobile and CrowdCompass, I decided to go withVivastream.

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Vivastream was a perfect fit for our conference social needs and I was thrilled when working with their team. One of the main reasons we chose Viva was that they collected and analyzed so much data that gave us insight into what people really cared about – and since we love data so much I wanted to share some of the findings that were collected.

According to our friends at Viva, our engagement was above average which is awesome. You will see from the data below what our attendees were most interested in hearing about and what were the most valuable topics coming out of the conference. I also wanted to show the highest rated speakers and breakout sessions.

General Participation Overview





Top 10 Topics based on activity

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While this is only some select data that I’ve chosen to share. overall it is easy to see that analytics is still a very hot topic yet other topics such as mobile and optimization are high on the charts as well. Interestingly, social wasn’t as popular but social collaboration in the enterprise is a subject that is trending quickly.