We make data actionable

The value is in the data.
By adding Vivastream technology to your events, you’ll know more about your audience with every interaction, and achieve a single view of your customers that drives results for sales and marketing teams.

The payoff for your event is LEADS

You collect a ton of great data at your events. Vivastream makes sense of it all, and provides your sales team with a prioritized list of the most-engaged prospects.

Take Control Of Your Event Data


 **Source: Internet Trends 2014 – Code Conference, Mary Meeker

Mobile Apps. iBeacons. RFID, Tweets, Polls, Connected Devices.

Data gathered from event technology is becoming more complex, making it difficult for you to decipher and gain real value.

Our system is designed to help you extract data that can be turned into meaningful, actionable insights.



Topics Are The Driving Factor Behind What We Do

Vivastream technology shows the activity, content and people around key topics in your program.