Audience Intelligence Engine

Essentially, we take the heavy lifting out of event data analytics.

Introducing Vivastream

Vivastream is an event data analytics platform that aggregates multiple disparate data sources and derives insights to better understand customer behavior. Vivastream’s strength lies in the ability to normalize data independent of any data source and reveal engagement by relevant business topics.

Event data delivers rich insights

Vivastream makes data actionable and delivers a comprehensive view of customer engagement. Insights are available through the Vivastream Audience Intelligence dashboard.

Use Your Event Data to Become Even Smarter

Vivastream makes the leap from anecdotal and stated information to richer, data-driven insights for account based marketing. Customer behavior is pushed into CRM and marketing automation platforms to provide immediate access and visualizations to account, marketing and sales teams.

Insights Drive our Passion

We distill event data into relevant insights, making it easy for your event, marketing and sales teams to take action before, during and after the event.